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AHA helps patients protect a healthy financial future.  How do we do it? By deciphering the inscrutable coding on Hospital/Physician bills and explanation of benefits that cause many patients to either pay more than they should or face heavy financial consequences if left neglected.  

billsMedical Bill Review

AHA is a company dedicated to relieving the stress of managing complex medical bills from Doctors and Hospitals for its members. We pride ourselves in doing our due diligence to make certain our clients pay only what they should. You will benefit from our services if you:

  • Find the language used in your insurance policy hard to understand
  • Are not clear about your health insurance benefits.
  • Have received a medical bill that you don’t understand
  • Thought you met your deductible but continue to get bills
  • Did not realize your insurance policy had a deductible
  • Thought the procedure performed was covered by your insurance policy
  • Seen by Out of Network providers resulting in higher financial responsibility than what it might need to be

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Doctors who are Board Certified in your home State are just a phone call away!

Avoid the frustration of waiting for the next “open” appointment, missing time from work, paying higher Urgent Care fees because offices are closed, or paying high co-pays and deductibles. With Telemedicine, you can be diagnosed over the phone or via a webcam for many different ailments, when your Primary Care Physician is not available.

By being available 24 hour a day/365 days a year, Telemedicine allows you to address your symptoms right away and feel better sooner.

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savingsOnline Savings Programs and Discounts

Special discounts for a variety of goods and services are available to our members.

As a subscriber to America’s Healthcare Associates, we are pleased to give you access to thousands of discounts throughout the year. These discounts can be used at some of your favorite retailers that can help save money for you and your family.

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