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A true Patient Advocate on your side

America’s Healthcare Associates has been involved in the medical landscape of the United States since the early 1980’s. Having accumulated the necessary skills has enabled AHA to work with Insurance Companies more efficiently and accurately.

America’s Healthcare Associates has worked with many Doctors’ offices and Hospitals, both as billing specialists/coders and consultants. We understand the complexities that exist in today’s healthcare environment and are here to assist everyone who wants the reassurance that they are being treated fairly and only paying for services that they actually received.

AHA is here to work with you and your family to make certain your hard earned money does not go to waste do to innocent oversights by a Physician’s Office, Hospital or your very own Insurance Company. You have a true advocate on your side with AHA. The bills that you receive from a Doctor or Hospital may very well be correct, but one thing is for certain, they are confusing to read unless you deal with them day in and day out like we do. Why spend hours on the telephone trying to get a proper explanation as to what the bill you received actually means? You time is valuable! Let the experts at America’s Healthcare Associates answer the questions to you medical bills.

Greg Tabor


Greg Tabor received both his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance in 2003 and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance in 2005 from The University of Miami. During, and directly after college, Mr. Tabor worked at two Fortune 500 companies in their Finance Departments. Over the next decade, he gained invaluable experience while working on mergers and acquisitions of Physicians Practices. Mr. Tabor increased his knowledge of the industry by consulting with Doctors and their patients about the ever evolving healthcare landscape.

Byron Turnoff


Byron Turnoff was the founder and CEO of Neuro Medical Systems, a rehabilitation and physical therapy equipment company established in 1979. During this time, a group of Anesthesiologists asked Mr. Turnoff to assist them with their medical billing needs in 1983, when CMS, Inc. was created. After 16 years of expanding Neuro Medical throughout the State of Florida, Mr. Turnoff sold Neuro Medical and changed his focus to expanding CMS, Inc.

Martha Barrientos

Director of Administration

Martha Barrientos graduated in 2002 with a Bachelors Degree in Finance from Florida Atlantic University. She has over 20 years of experience in the Medical Billing field, working directly with Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance Companies and Patients. Martha has taken a lead role in assisting Mr. Turnoff and Mr. Tabor in growing the medical billing company during the past 15 years, by managing the day to day operations between staff and clients.

Mark Tabor

Director of Finance

Mark Tabor joined Mr. Turnoff in 1999. He initially worked for the Certified Public Accounting firm Epstein, Tabor and Schorr C.P.A.s in the mid 1970s in Pittsburgh, PA when he re-located to Florida to be Vice President of a family business that was founded in 1929. Mr. Tabor has overseen the growth and technological changes of the medical billing company over the past 16 years, which now consists of more than 175 clients.

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Clarity, Health & Savings

As healthcare costs have risen in recent years, so has the burden on the individual.

Average annual premiums for single and family health insurance under employer sponsored plans were $5,615 and $15,745, respectively in 2012, which is an 80% increase in premiums since 2003. (Source: Kaiser/HRET Survey of Employer Sponsored Health Benefits 2012)

The number 1 reason people file for bankruptcy or get foreclosed on their house is getting hit with a huge, unexpected Hospital or Doctor’s bill. This can happen because: 1) the individual has no health insurance 2) the insurance company denies the claim 3) the insurance company only pays part of the claim and the hospital or doctor is trying to hold the patient responsible for the remaining balance. (Bronx Law Guide)

In 2012, the Commonwealth Fund found that 75 million people reported having a difficult time paying their medical bills even with health insurance, had been contacted by a collection agency, or had to change their way of life in an effort to pay their medical bills. This was up from 73 million people in 2010 and 58 million people in 2005.

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